Other projects

  • LiSS/Living in a Surveillance Society (COST Action IS0807)
  • PRIVATE Gen/Privacy Regimes Investigated: Variations, Adaptations, and Transformations in an Era of (post-)Genomics (ELSA-GEN Initiative)
  • Study "Privacy and Trust in the Ubiquitous Information Society"


Conference Book of abstracts available
BECOME INVOLVED: The program of the PRESCIENT conference is now available!
SAVE THE DATE: The PRESCIENT project will hold an international conference on "Privacy and Emerging Sciences and Technologies" on 27 & 28 November 2012 at Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin
30-11-2011: Book Launch: Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the ICT and Security Technologies Fields.
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01-06-2011: Workshop on "Privacy issues arising from next generation whole genome sequencing" (01 June 2011) in Brussels
In co-operation with the STOA Project "Making Perfect Life"