The PRESCIENT project unfolds in four stages.

Work Package 1 - Current approaches to privacy and technology: The first stage is ANALYSIS: the partners will provide a state-of-the-art analysis of privacy and data protection as conceptualised from an ethical, socio-economic and legal perspective

Work Package 2 - Privacy, data protection and ethical issues in selected emerging technologies: The second stage is CASE STUDIES wherein the partners will identify the privacy, data protection and ethical issues arising from five different emerging technologies and their applications.

Work Package 3 - Citizens' perception of privacy: The third stage focuses on CITIZENS. The partners will analyse various existing surveys to assess citizen concerns and knowledge of the way in which their data are collected, stored and used and their concerns about new technologies and how their concerns have changed over time. The partners will examine 20 top websites and interview data collectors to assess how easy or difficult it is for citizens to access their information and to find out how it is being used.

Work Package 4 - Privacy and ethical impact assessments: The fourth and final stage focuses on development of a NEW FRAMEWORK FOR PRIVACY AND ETHICAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS. The partners will develop four scenarios as an element in this new framework, which is based on an integration of the results of this study and on privacy impact assessment guidelines such as those of the UK.

Work Package 5 - Final Conference: The results of the PRESCIENT project will be presented to and discussed with stakeholders from academia, NGOs and policy makers on the final PRESCIENT conference.

Work Package 6 - Networking and dissemination: The partners will invite a multi-disciplinary panel of 10 external experts to comment on their deliverables and discuss the issues raised in a workshop at each stage. The project will conclude with a final conference to which experts, policy-makers and other stakeholders will be invited in order to debate the project’s findings and recommendations.


Conference Book of abstracts available
BECOME INVOLVED: The program of the PRESCIENT conference is now available!
SAVE THE DATE: The PRESCIENT project will hold an international conference on "Privacy and Emerging Sciences and Technologies" on 27 & 28 November 2012 at Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin
30-11-2011: Book Launch: Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the ICT and Security Technologies Fields.
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01-06-2011: Workshop on "Privacy issues arising from next generation whole genome sequencing" (01 June 2011) in Brussels
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