WP 5 – Final conference


The objectives of this work package include:
  1. Convene a final conference of the panel experts, policy-makers and other selected stakeholders to discuss the issues examined by the project and the way forward recommended by the project team.
  2. Invite and gather comments from the external experts on the deliverables emerging from the previous WP.
  3. Contribute positively to the quality of research in the field of ethics of new and emerging fields of science and technology.

Description of work

The partners will convene a final conference for experts, policy-makers and selected stakeholders (including from civil society organisations). The conference will take place in two parts. First, the results of the project will be presented, with an equal time made available for discussion of the findings and recommendations contained in deliverable D4. Second, the conference participants will be systematically “polled” to state their views on

  • the viability of the privacy and ethical impact assessment framework (as presented in D4) as a way of addressing prospective stakeholder concerns about emerging new technologies, identifying and assessing privacy impacts and ethical issues, and resolving them as far as possible with the support of stakeholders,
  • whether they agree with the ethical issues identified by the project partners and/or whether they envisage any other issues not already captured in the synthesis report (deliverable D4 which will be made available at least two weeks before the final conference to all those expected to attend) and with the recommendations made by the partners.

Participants’ views will then be summarised and presented to participants for their agreement and/or amendment.

In addition to the above points, we envisage a final conference where we invited contributions from other experts, not just the project partners.

The final conference and its outcome will conclude the PRESCIENT project.


Conference Book of abstracts available
BECOME INVOLVED: The program of the PRESCIENT conference is now available!
SAVE THE DATE: The PRESCIENT project will hold an international conference on "Privacy and Emerging Sciences and Technologies" on 27 & 28 November 2012 at Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin
30-11-2011: Book Launch: Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the ICT and Security Technologies Fields.
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01-06-2011: Workshop on "Privacy issues arising from next generation whole genome sequencing" (01 June 2011) in Brussels
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