Many new technologies have a Janus face. They often promise great benefits for citizens and society as a whole. But sometimes they  also have a dark side because they can be used in harmful ways not foreseen by their creators. Privacy is one of the rights that is under constant pressure through the scientific and technological progress.

The aim of the PRESCIENT project is to identify and assess privacy issues posed by emerging sciences and technologies and to contribute to the development of new instruments for the governance of science and technology.

Looking at different fields of science and technology, each with their own tradition and culture to deal with privacy issues, this study will analyse different prevention means and policy measures and amalgamate a common framework for privacy and ethical assessment.

Final conference on 27 and 28 November 2012 a big success!

The PRESCIENT project has concluded with an international conference on "Privacy and Emerging Sciences
and Technology".
Date: 27/28 November 2012
Place: Berlin, Fraunhofer Forum

Slides from the final conference

Download the book of abstracts.

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Conference Book of abstracts available
BECOME INVOLVED: The program of the PRESCIENT conference is now available!
SAVE THE DATE: The PRESCIENT project will hold an international conference on "Privacy and Emerging Sciences and Technologies" on 27 & 28 November 2012 at Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin
30-11-2011: Book Launch: Towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the ICT and Security Technologies Fields.
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01-06-2011: Workshop on "Privacy issues arising from next generation whole genome sequencing" (01 June 2011) in Brussels
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